The draft

September 14, 2006

Why are so many Americans morbidly obese? What are you thinking??? We’re at war, and there you are stuffing a triple-fried chicken leg in your mouth instead of toning your physiques! What are you thinking??? When the government imposes the draft because it needs 50 million men to fight, who the hell is it going to take? Billy-Bob who weighs 375 lbs of pure lard? NO!

LISTEN TO ME! PUT DOWN THE FORKS! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DEFEND THE HOMELAND WHEN YOU ARE IMMOBILE! If you’re not going to lose weight for your own health, do it for the survival of your country!

Our enemy can (and will) radicalize over a billion fit, healthy fighting soldiers, and what can we do against that?
Guys, listen up. You need to get in shape… please! This is a war we’re in. It’s our ultimate fight for survival!


A Nuclear Iran

September 6, 2006

Time after time, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has proven to the world that he is utterly and amazingly insane. Whether it be his denial of the Holocaust during the previous world war, his overly offensive jibes towards the nation of Israel, or his nonsensicle-laughable economic policies, the guy is without a doubt, one of the most hardnosed radical Muslims around.

What I find most mysterious about the entire Iranian nuclear fiasco, is the pure amount of bullshit coming from the UN. I mean, what the hell is the point of setting up a deadline if you’re not going to stick to it. It defeats the entire purpose of having even set the deadline in the first place! The UN is the most ineffective world body around, and is so laden with a papertrail of beaurocracies that nothing can get done. And when something finally does get done, France only puts in 200 troops ;). I mean, every day that the UN doesn’t address the Iranian nuclear issue, the doomsday clock jumps like a full minute forward to midnight.

This post was about a nuclear Iran. So I should address that. I dont think there is a single person in the world (Western or Eastern) that believes Iran wants nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. It is a war mongering, shit disturbing nation that sponsers terrorism and whose leader calls for the annihilation of Am Israel. A nuclear Iran would definitely up the notches of this war. It would either use it as a threat against Israel, or it would simply go all out in a barrage of radioactive glory. I wonder if it acknowledges that Israel is armed to the teeth with a full arsenal of nuclear weapons. (People who think Israel has no nukes are the same ones who think that Iran wants nuclear technology for peaceful purposes… ie: the naive ones). I’m also pretty certain that Israel has a missle defense shield against long range missiles that is not unlike ours.

A Nuclear Iran cannot and must not be allowed. The UN must address this issue IMMEDIATELY, no ifs ands or buts. We cannot afford to see what Mahmoud’s blithering madness is capable of!

World War 3: Radical Islam vs. the West

September 5, 2006

We are currently in the midst of the third world war. You may not want to admit it, but simply look around. Open a newspaper, watch TV, listen to the radio, browse the web. It is impossible to deny, the world is on fire. The war in Iraq, the conflicts in Afghanistan, the Israeli-Hizballah conflict, theever-growing Iranian nuclear threat, the crisis in Darfur promulgated by the Junjaweed. Just open your eyes, and quit being coy, drop the naivety act! We’re in a global war and we don’t even want to admit it, that’s why we refer to it as the ‘war on terror’, a confidence-boosting euphemism for WWIII.

This war is a religious one, and by that very definition defies the widely accepted geo-political borders that we have instilled. This war is a twisted crusade (they like to call it Jihad) pitting radical muslims and their allies against everybody else.

At this point, it is important to note that Christians and Muslims are extremely different in most respects, except this one: the desire for everybody on Earth to be of the same religion. Christians send missionaries across the globe in hopes to convert the ‘savages’ to the teachings of Christ. Conversely, Radical Islam sends suicide bombers across the globe in hopes to convert the ‘infidels’ to the ways of Mohammed.

This is a war that we, the West, cannot afford to lose. It will cost us our freedom, our lives, our culture, our history, and our dignity.

More to follow…